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With over 15 years of experience at vital force we understand the science behind getting our members results. We follow no gimmicks or cookie cutter programs. Once you become a member you’ll always have personalized workouts and nutrition coaching, and most importantly you’ll learn to understand the why behind the things we are doing. Wether you are training for professional sports, power lifting, running a marathon or simply just being the healthiest version of yourself, our coaching will be 100% tailored to your individual goals.

Train Smart. Train Hard. No BS.

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Gonzaga University | Guaynabo Mets

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University of Oregon | Boston Celtics

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Spokane Shock | EWU

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Gonzaga Prep

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Whitworth University

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Luis brito

My name is Luis and health and fitness are my passion. I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and have been blessed with the opportunity to work with over 50 professional athletes as well as dozens of body composition clients. I am a certified functional strength coach, certified personal trainer and a certified nutritional advisor. My goal is to promote healthy and sustainable results and finding a plan that works for you. No matter what your fitness levels are and what your goals are, let’s get you there.

Amelia Brito

Hi my name is Amelia Brito. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for 4 years now as a personal trainer. I went through the Health and Fitness Technician Program at SFCC and am currently working towards getting my bachelors in applied management with an emphasis in health, fitness and nutrition. Aside from being a personal trainer, I’m a wife and mom, I was a collegiate basketball player and currently compete in bodybuilding competitions. My goal as a trainer is not only to help my clients learn proper technique when resistance training (to prevent injury and setbacks), but make getting to, and maintaining their goals healthy, enjoyable and sustainable. Although every clients program is personalized depending on their bodies needs and goals, I implement nutrition into each program the same way; IIFYM (if it fits your macros). Through experience I’ve seen food is typically the culprit stopping people from achieving their goals. The IIFYM allows us to still eat foods we enjoy to prevent detrimental cravings that we may get on strict diets, and still feel like we can balance exercise and nutrition with our “normal lives”, yet still be successful in reaching our goals.



Laura W.

“Luis is the best of the best. He has the most extensive knowledge of fitness I have ever had the privilege of working with. He tailors his programs for each individual client’s needs and physical restrictions to create a safe and effective program for each person. As an avid runner, Luis has helped me safely recover from injuries and focused on strength workouts to help maximize performance and prevent injury. He emphasizes on a whole health approach, helping one achieve and become the best version of themselves”.

Kate R.

“When I started working with Luis I was pretty disheartened with myself. I felt like I had tried, and failed , so many different quick fix and exercise options and didn’t really have the confidence this would work for me. Luis was unbelievably patient with and motivating for me. He helped me wrap my head around a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. He tailored my workouts to my needs, and even when I had an injury he went out of his way to adjust what I needed again to ensure my safety, but continued progress. I have never felt as successful as I have with Luis! I love that he fine tunes each workout to each individual. He keeps it interesting, and challenging, and keeps me motivated. He is forgiving when I slip back into bad habits, reminding me to be kind to myself and focus on the things I have accomplished and get back up again and to keep going. I have the utmost confidence that Luis will help me continue to reach my goals. I feel stronger mentally and physically than I have in nearly a decade! I am so grateful!”

Alessia P.

“I’ve had a really great experience with you so far! I really enjoy how your workouts are individualized to match each person’s needs. I think my favorite part is the constant encouragement that you give. When you see a client in between reps, you make sure you’re going to push them to go fast or do heavier weights. I thrive in that kind of workout environment and others who feel the same should definitely workout with you!”

Leah E.

"For the past few months I have been fortunate enough to work with Luis as my personal trainer. He is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate trainers I have had. The gym and lifting weights has always intimidated me but with the help of Luis I have never felt more confident in the gym and in myself. Within weeks of training with him I already felt stronger and noticed a difference in my physique. I have become more motivated to workout and push myself after being with Luis. I recommend Luis to everyone that wants realistic goals and to be held accountable for reaching those. The variety of workout routines he plans makes going to workout more exciting. Luis is much more than just a fitness coach — He truly cares about your health and well-being!”

Royce N.

“I’d describe your training as personalized and highly effective. You know how to push me hard with good intensity so that I’m able too see results, and fuel my momentum. You’re knowledgeable in training in ways that are sustainable and effective. 10/10 the best.”

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